Search Engine Optimisation

The online space is highly saturated, so standing out can be a little tricky!

You can either pay to be seen with online advertising or you can make yourself easy to find by ranking well on search engines like Google. This is achieved through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Put simply SEO is the process of formatting the content on your website in a way that is pleasing to search engines.

You may genuinely be the best florist in your area but if new customers Google ‘florists near me’ and you appear 10th on the list, you’re probably not going to get their business. However, with a little understanding of how information is prioritised by search engines you can start ranking highly and getting your website seen.

Our digital marketing team are SEO experts. Whether you already have a website, are starting from scratch or need some assistance maintaining your ranking, we can help.

Search Engine Optimisation for existing websites.

You have a website, you like your exisiting content but you know it’s not performing it’s best. Our team will review your website and provide recommendations for search engine optimisation. Helping you to edit and re-structure your content for the best possible results. Or, identify what additional content may be needed to help you to achieve and maintain a higher ranking. 

Often this means developing regular blog articles so your website is constantly updated with high quality, interesting content. If this is needed we can further assist you with social media management and ongoing content creation to help you maintain your newly improved ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation for new websites. 

This is perfect when paired with our Website Development services. Our team will use your business strategy and marketing goals to help you build a website full of high performing copy, ready to go. Giving you a perfect head start come launch day. Copywriting is a genuine skill, add in the added element of SEO and it becomes quite a challenge. Luckily for you, we’re up to the challenge! 

This approach works particularly well when paired with a launch event or Online Advertising campaign.

My ranking is slipping, help!

Unfortunately, getting a good ranking isn’t enough, you have to actively maintain it. Search engines prefer websites that are informative, accurate and regularly updated. We can work with you to develop a content strategy as part of your digital marketing plan so you can keep your website updated with high quality, search engine optimised content. 

If you want to improve your SEO, let’s chat!

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