Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is more than just paid promotion, it encompasses all actions taken to promote yourself in the digital space.

This can range from the passive – simply having a website. To the active – planning and executing a Google Ads campaign.

Every element of your online presence contributes to your sales funnel and understanding and leveraging these elements is highly beneficial to your business.

Many aspects of your overall business and marketing strategies will apply in the digital space also, in particular the Four C’s. However, to truly succeed online you need the following:

A Good Website

Simply having a website won’t cut it. Your website needs to be attractive, easy to navigate, informative and SEO friendly. Reviewing your website and improving its performance should be the first step in developing and implementing your digital marketing strategy.  

Consistent Social Media

Social media is where you’ll find some of your largest and most engaged audiences, don’t neglect them! By identifying which social media platforms are most beneficial to your business and maintaining a consistent presence there, you can build a community of not only potential customers but passionate brand ambassadors.

High-Quality Content

There’s a big difference between putting out anything and putting out something. In competing for eyeballs far too many businesses resort to simply spamming their audiences with low-quality content. Don’t fall for this trap and allow your brand to be diluted in this way. We can help you plan a content strategy that will allow you to post quality content, consistently and cost-effectively.

Thoughtful Ads

Paid advertising supports the internet, and when utilised strategically it can be of huge benefit to your business. The occasional boosted post or paid promotion may give you a little win that feels encouraging but in the long run, this approach is expensive and won’t get you the results you’d like. A well thought out digital ad campaign that has a clear goal, target audience and measurable results is a far better use of your resources.

 These elements will form the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. From here we can help you further develop your online activity to grow your business and reach your goals.

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