Website Development

Your business needs a website, and we can help you build one!

Tin Can offer full stack website development services, making us your one stop shop for all things web design. Whether your current site just needs a facelift or you’re looking to start from scratch, we can get you online in no time. Helping you to build a beautiful, functional website that’s easy for customers to find, contains all the information they need and that’s search engine friendly.

Our website development services include.


A wireframe is essentially a blueprint for the look and structure of your website. It details the layouts for each page, indicating where text, buttons and graphic elements will be placed. This gives you an idea of where all your content will go and how it will interact, allowing you to assess the overall look and flow of your website before the creative process begins.

Website Concept Design

The concept design phase is where we develop the visual experience of your website. Building upon the wireframes to create complete mock-ups for each page.


A sitemap is the backend equivalent of a wireframe, providing a blueprint for how the information on your website ranks. Allowing search engines like Google to easily identify which pages are most important and where to find information on each page quickly.

Custom builds

Maybe you have some very specific needs in mind or you simply don’t want something too generic, that’s when you’ll need a custom solution. Our web development and web design teams will work with you to build the exact website you want.

Platform builds

A platform build means using a web development platform such as WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify as the basis of your website. This is a very popular, cost-effective solution for many businesses as it allows for high levels of customisation and content management in the future.

Facelifts for existing websites

Often, we have clients come to us who like the broad strokes of their existing website but feel like it needs an update. This can occur on both the front and back end of the site. Updating the look of the site or adjusting the copy and page structure to improve functionality, readability, and SEO.

Must have features we recommend for all websites:

All new builds come with the option to include a content management system (CMS) so you can easily update and edit your website as needed. We also offer hosting and on-going support for the life of your website.

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