Merchandise and Packaging

Make a lasting impression on your customers or clients with great merchandise and packaging.

Investing time and money into having good quality corporate merchandise and impactful product packaging may seem like a low priority. But in the age of social media a shareable product or insta-worthy delivery box are worth their weight in gold.

The promotional pen is a staple of corporate merchandise, everyone loves a free pen! But if you’re looking to really make an impact you’ll want merch that people not only want to have but want to keep. Even better if your merch becomes such a hot ticket item at the annual trade show that people are actively seeking you out to get it!

Similarly, if you’re in consumer products, packaging can sometimes be an afterthought. A simple solution for protecting your products and getting them to their destination.

This is small thinking, handling the packaging is often the first experience a customer will have with your product. A plain white shipping bag and simple cardboard box might be cost effective but already you’ve missed out on two great opportunities to further advertise your product and build your brand.

That’s where we can help.


Merch can either feel like a burden or a genuine gift! Don’t let your brand be diluted down to a cheap piece of plastic that gets lost under the bed. We can help you source and produce high-quality, desirable products your clients or customers can be excited about.

Our merchandise design and print services include:


You have a brilliant product and you want purchasing and owning that product to be a positive experience for your customers. Proper packaging can be an excellent opportunity to continue your sales pitch, beyond the sale, building customers into brand ambassadors.

Our packaging design and print services include:

  • Packaging design
  • Branded shipping bags or parcels
  • Custom packaging solutions
  • Custom packaging design
  • Packaging production / printing
  • Advising on product packaging, warehousing and shipping solutions

Looking to lift your game with merchandise and packaging? Lets chat.