If you’re looking to get into ecommerce, we can help!

Whether you have a physical store or you are going purely digital. We can help you set up and manage all aspects of your ecommerce store, so you can advertise, optimise, sell, ship and track your products all across the globe!

Tin can can assist you with developing your inventory, building an online store. Preparing your social media accounts to allow for in-app shopping, or all of the above. If you’re looking to take your store digital, we’ll have you selling online in no time.

But which services are right for you?

We can assist in all aspects of eCommerce, including:

Creating/curating your inventory
  • Product Photography and styling
  • Setting up digital product inventory
  • Syncing product inventories across platforms (Shopify, Google, Instagram)
Building your ecommerce store 
  • Custom-built from scratch, or
  • Using an existing eCommerce platform
Optimising your social media for in-app shopping:

If you’re interested in setting up an eCommerce site, you may also be interested in our Branding, Website Development and Social Media services. 

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