Print Advertising

In the age of the algorithm, it’s easy to overlook print advertising as part of your marketing plan.

Being authentic in your digital marketing is powerful, but humans are social creatures and nothing will beat connecting in the physical space. This is where print advertising comes in.

Placing a physical object in front of your customer can make a deeper impression than an ad seen passively online. Better yet if you can hand it to them personally or it arrives alongside your newly purchased, beautifully packaged product. 

Most businesses still print business cards, but there are many other ‘old school’ marketing techniques that are highly relevant today. Depending on your industry magazine ads, billboards, flyers or even physical newsletters can be hugely beneficial in promoting your brand.

To help you connect in the real world, we offer a full suite of print and graphic design services, including:

Sales materials:
  • Brochures/ flyers
  • Promotional posters
  • Documents & booklets
  • Promo slips
  • Direct mail postcards
  • Packaging and merchandise
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Social media cards
Large format print:
  • Pull-up & expo banners
  • Street banners & posters
  • Vehicle wraps & decals
  • Billboards

We’ve identified some of the best suppliers in SA so we can guarantee you the high quality work, every time. Including eco-friendly and carbon-neutral options!

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