Print Advertising

In the age of the algorithm, it’s easy to overlook print advertising as part of your marketing plan.

While digital marketing is certainly powerful and can offer you great reach, it’s not always the right solution for your goals. Print advertising remains one of the best ways to reach specific demographics, via relevant industry publications, their favourite magazine or out in public. At local events and venues.

With the right industry knowledge and marketing research, you can identify where your target market is most likely to see your advert and how to make the biggest impact on them.

Most businesses still print business cards, but there are many other forms of print marketing that are highly relevant today. On the proactive side you have magazine ads, billboards, flyers or even direct mail. On the more passive side you have, contact cards, inserts, rewards flyers and product tags. Little touches that can elevate the feel of your brand and the experience of your product to the next level.

To help you create beautiful print products, we offer a full suite of print and graphic design services, including:

Sales materials:
  • Brochures/ flyers
  • Promotional posters
  • Documents & booklets
  • Promo slips
  • Direct mail postcards
  • Packaging and merchandise
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Social media cards
Large format print:
  • Pull-up & expo banners
  • Street banners & posters
  • Vehicle wraps & decals
  • Billboards

We’ve identified some of the best suppliers in SA so we can guarantee you high quality work, every time. Including eco-friendly and carbon-neutral options!

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