Business & Marketing Strategy

If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you give directions?

That’s our philosophy when it comes to strategic thinking. Having passion and enthusiasm for your business is a great start. But unless that energy is properly focused with a clear direction in mind, you’re going nowhere. That all makes sense, right? But what’s the difference between a business & marketing strategy?

Good question! This can be confusing because the two are often interconnected.

A business strategy defines the goals for your business e.g. sales targets or increase in gross income, and details effective strategies for achievement these goals. A marketing strategy focuses exclusively on your marketing activities and how you will utilise marketing to meet your business goals.

Business Strategy

Having a clear business strategy in place helps you to focus your efforts on reaching your goals, in the most efficient way possible. Highlighting your goals in relation to the growth and performance of your business, and outlining the pathway to achieving them.

An effective business strategy requires you to have a complete understanding of your:

  • Product or offering,
  • Business goals, 
  • Niche market,
  • Brand,
  • Target audience.

You probably feel you already have answers to these points but to achieve the results and growth you want you need to be more specific. Nope even more specific than that!

Using industry knowledge and detailed Market Research we can help you explore and refine these aspects of your business. Creating a comprehensive business strategy which will act as a guide for making wroth based business decisions.

Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy will help you take an effective and results focused approach to your marketing. Each action you take should have a clear goal and contribute to your overall strategy. Directionless marketing may see short term results but in the long run, will only end up costing you money and time.

For example, you know you need to be writing blog posts to maintain good SEO for you website. Are you simply writing newsletter style updates whenever you have a free moment? Or do you have a content calendar that provides a list of topics you know your audience loves, based on analytics and market research?

Does this content calendar also expand to your social media or align with your pre-scheduled print media slots?

Knowing what you’re doing, when and why gives you time to develop and produce high quality, well branded, goal focused Content.


Clarity comes from truly understanding your business. Who you are, why you’re unique, what you look like and where you’re going. Having this level of clarity about your business creates confidence. 


When you properly understand your business you can bring your value proposition to others confidently. Letting them know you’re serious, committed and worth considering. Armed with Confidence you’re better equipped to keep putting your business out there consistently.


Consistency is key, especially in digital marketing. Getting your message out there is one thing, but in the age of the algorithm keeping an audience engaged requires consistently putting out high-quality, on-brand, results-driven content


Content creation can be a lot of fun, but long term the difference between sharing something valuable, with a clear intent and sharing just, anything is huge. This is where clear branding and a solid Content Strategy are incredibly useful.

If you’re looking for direction, let’s chat.

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