Marketing Campaigns

A strong marketing campaign starts with a clear goal that aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

Whether that be increasing sales, launching a new product or creating a fun seasonal promotion to get your customers excited.

Whatever your goal we can help you identify what forms of advertising you need (or don’t need), plan out an effective campaign, execute it all brilliantly and review its performance once complete.


  • Identifying potential opportunities
  • Refining goals
  • Setting budgets


  • Identifying which media/ platforms can be utilised most effectively for your campaign goals
  • Allocating budget/ spend to each element of the campaign
  • Assess pre-campaign metrics
  • Setting up proper data collection
  • Preparing timelines to ensure all elements of the campaign are produced and actioned in the most efficient and effective order
  • Identifying creative requirements e.g. specific branding, development of a website landing page etc.



  • Gathering data/ analytics
  • Assessing ROI/ KPI’s
  • Report on campaign success

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