Market Research

Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy with detailed market research.

Reviewing the analytics and insights available through your online platforms is a good first step. However, this data is often very broad and may not always apply to your business. Therefore, dedicated market research can be necessary in order for you to make the best strategic decisions in your future marketing activity.

We’re big believers in using data to drive decision making. Whether you’re looking for a general industry overview, a solid review of your competitors or a direct analysis of your current customer base. We can help.

Why use Tin Can for your Market Research?

The team at our parent company JWPM are skilled at finding hard to get information and specific industry data. Leveraging their skillset we can turn raw data into meaningful information that can inform your strategic decisions, supporting your business development and working towards achieving your goals.

We can help you gather and interpret all the information you need to educate your team and inform tour future marketing activity.

Our market research services include:

  • Industry research
  • Brand research
  • Customer research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Niche exploration/identification
  • Market testing
  • Product concept testing
  • Data collection and analytical modeling

Interested in effective market research?

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