What’s in a (business) name?

“Tin Can – Kicking around creative ideas”

The inspiration for the name “Tin Can” came from the idea of a string telephone, a string between two cans. The embodiment of simple, direct communication. 

That’s us, we are an honest communications agency dedicated to helping our clients communicate clear branding and sales messages to their target audience.

We also wanted a name for our agency that was short sharp and shiny  – just like a can!

As an agency, we are reliable, adaptable and highly creative. We work with clients seeking straightforward, high quality work from a dedicated team that delivers results.

Every member of the Tin Can team specialises in the key areas of marketing communications, with a focus on digital marketing, where we excel.

"We wanted a name for our agency that was short sharp and shiny  – just like a Tin Can!"

Being a small team, we communicate directly with each other and our clients to understand their needs and immediately start brainstorming. We kick around creative ideas!

We draw on each other’s expertise, throw ideas around, choose the best and then refine them until they are clear, powerful and compelling. We like creating work, that’s fresh, impactful, well thought out and effective.

The inspiration for our brand is ‘Kicking the Can’.

Our original logo design played with the idea of a string phone, but it didn’t work and that’s when we thought about tomatoes. Well if we’re honest, we thought of beans first but they’re somewhat less aesthetic.

Why so much red? Well, tomatoes of course but also because it’s strong, bold and confident – like us. We’re truly passionate about what we do and we want to convey that as aggressively as we can.

Mostly though we went with ‘Tin Can’ because we found it fun.

We are a team of people, our clients are people and their customers are people. People thrive in communities that are positive, rewarding and vibrant. That’s the basis of our community, that’s the type of work we produce and we’re excited for you to be a part of it.

Tin Can Admin