AUSPACK Event Management

Trade shows and events are back with a vengeance! After 2 years of restrictions on in-person events. Many industries are champing at the bit to get back on the floor.  And talk business, face-to-face.

We recently experienced this first-hand in assisting Robotic Automation with their attendance at AUSPACK 2022. Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MECE). AUSPACK is an industry trade show featuring the best of the processing and packaging industry. Proudly run by the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA).

Having attended no trade shows since AUSPACK 2019, Robotic Automation were keen to make the most of the opportunity to attend this highly anticipated industry event. However, they were aware they didn’t quite have the know-how to do it alone.

As a long-term client of our parent company JWPM, Robotic Automation reached out in early January to discuss our capabilities in trade shows and event management. With our strong background in events the project was confidently passed over to Tin Can.

The scope of the project was fairly large. With a 12 m x 9 m floor space secured RA weren’t going in half-hearted. As the primary aim of AUSPACK is the display and promotion of packaging and processing equipment, the majority of booth spaces were floor-only. No shell-structure. This meant there were many elements to consider but maximum room for creativity!

Maximum room for creativity.

We reached out to a handful of events companies specialising in custom booth builds. While all were very impressive in their customer service and skillset. We found our vision most aligned with the work of Elite Projex and Events.

Servicing all of Australia, Elite pride themselves on continually exceeding client expectations. Which we certainly found to be the case. From eagerly offering helpful suggestions to confidently making executive decisions on the ground. They had our backs at every turn.

Developing a functional, aesthetic and affordable booth was a big part of the job. Bigger still was project managing the event in a way at assured all elements came together smoothly.

Luckily AUSPACK made this incredibly easy with a comprehensive online portal. From ordering elecricity to coordinating equipment handling and freight forwarding, it was all there. Better still was that all suppliers and contractors were easy to contact and happy to assist at every turn.

A testament to remote work.

With the Tin Can team based in Adelaide and RA’s equipment spread across NSW and VIC. There was some concern that one piece of the puzzle might slip through the cracks. But if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that remote work and online collaboration can be extremely effective. And for us, that was very true.

The team flew down to Melbourne on day 2 of set-up to find the booth erected and the display machinery having been delivered safely. After many months of online collaboration and phone calls, it was a pleasure to finally meet everyone in person.

We truly cannot overstate the importance of effective communication and collaboration in exhibiting at a large-scale event like AUSPACK. Fortunately for us we had a great team, spread across multiple states who were happy to do what was needed to make it all come together.

And boy did it come together!

Robotic Automation’s booth looked spectacular. After many hours of stressful programming by the technical service team, the robots were running smoothly. And very impressive to watch. From Monday the sales team were on deck and excited to start talking business.

Following set-up, Tin Can’s final role in the project was to be on-site to assist with general booth management and marketing throughout the event.

Post-show the project now rolls back to the JWPM team as they assist RA in reviewing the leads gathered and advising on effective follow-up. Ensuring they receive the best ROI possible from their attendance.

If you’re interested in event planning and management services, get in touch!

Tin Can Admin