AVCON is Adelaide’s premier anime and video games festival. Organised entirely by volunteers.

The brief

AVCON is a not-for-profit event organised and run by a group of dedicated volunteers. AVCON has grown from a small community-organised event, into one of the largest festivals of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

AVCON is focused on supporting the local and interstate anime and gamer community. This includes the promotion of independent and grass-roots designers, developers and producers. As the festival grows in popularity, AVCON approached our team to create a strong, recognisable corporate identity to attract larger anime and video game sponsors.

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Corporate brand

AVCON follows a unique them each year, which must compliment, and incorporate the logo. Incorporating the original “invader” design element, the AVCON rebrand focuses on simplicity, such that it could be incorporated across a range of themes, without losing its identity.